October 18th, 2014

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Мэтью Ли на брифинге поджаривает официального представителя Пентагона:
- Россия вплотную приблизилась к странма НАТО? Может быть, это войска НАТО двинулись на восток и приблизились к границам России?
- Я уверен, что Президент Путин так и считает…

[TRANSCRIPT]Matthew Lee (AP): (referring to Secretary Hagel) … what he meant by calling it revisionist Russia?
Pentagon spokesman: Revisionist Russia?
Matthew Lee (AP): Yeah, what would that mean?
Pentagon spokesman: Yeah, the Secretary?
Matthew Lee (AP): Yeah, Secretary Hagel.
Pentagon spokesman: I think what he is referring to there is that there appears to be in their intentions and their motives a calling back to the glory days of the Soviet Union.
Matthew Lee (AP): He also used the phrase 'It's (meaning Russia's) army is on NATO's doorstep'. Um, why is that? Is it not logical to look at this and say 'The reason that the Russian army is at NATO's doorstep is because NATO has expanded, rather than the Russians expanding? In other words, NATO has moved closer to Russia rather than Russia moving closer to NATO? Is that not an accurate way to look at this?
Pentagon spokesman: I think that's the way President Putin probably looks at it. It's certainly not the way we look at it...
Matthew Lee (AP): You don't think NATO has expanded eastward toward Russia?
Pentagon spokesman: NATO has expanded, and the expansion has been a good thing for...
Matthew Lee (AP): So the reason that the Russian army is at NATO's doorstep is not the fault of the Russian army. It’s not that's Russian army’s done it, it's NATO that's moved closer to… moved east.
Pentagon spokesman: I’m pretty sure it wasn't NATO who were ordering, you know, upwards of 15 battalion tactical groups to within 10 kilometers of the border with Ukraine, and I’m sure it wasn’t NATO who put little green men in eastern Ukraine to destabilize eastern cities.
Matthew Lee (AP): Well, I'm pretty sure that Ukraine is not a member of NATO so, unless that’s changed…
Pentagon spokesman: It’s not changed, but I am pretty sure…

А вот и на русском.

А вот исчо смишная Псаки гуторит.