June 25th, 2015



Wishing Dmitri Hvorostovsky a fast and full recovery.

Let me return your toast, gentlemen
= отвечу на ваш тост, господа
Soldiers and bullfighters
Understand one another
Their pleasure lies in combat
The bull-ring is full on a holiday
It's packed from top to bottom
The spectators are getting rowdy,
rowdy [ˈraudɪ] - шумный, буйный
Shouting back and forth
= кричат друг на друга
Challenges, cries and uproar
uproar [ˈʌprɔːr] – шум, крики

Reach the point of fury
This is the celebration of courage,
The celebration of the shout of the heart
celebration [sɛlɪˈbreɪʃən] - праздник

Toreador, on guard
=> будь настороже
Remember, as you fight
That dark eyes are watching you
Love awaits you

Suddenly a silence falls
What's happened?
No more shouts – this is the moment
The bull charges out of his pen
pen – загон (в данном контексте)
He storms in and strikes,
A horse falls, dragging down a picador
'Bravo', yells the crowd
to yell [jɛl] издать вопль
As the bull retreats, returns and strikes again
Shaking his banderillas in fury,
He rushes on, the ring is full of blood
to rush [ rʌʃ] – стремительно мчаться
All flee, clambering over the gates…
to clamber over [ˈklæmbər] - карабкаться
And now it's your turn
turn [t3ːn] – черёд, очередь

Toreador, on guard
Remember, as you fight
That dark eyes are watching you
Love awaits you

[IN THE NEWS%]Dmitri Hvorostovsky has recently been suffering from serious health problems.  A brain tumor has just been diagnosed.
His voice and vocal condition are very good, but his sense of balance is bad.
The singer will begin treatment this week.
He has cancelled all performances until the end of August.
Dmitri Hvorostovsky remains very optimistic for the future.

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