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МИР ВСТРЕТИЛ 2015 ГОД ГРАНДИОЗНЫМИ ФЕЙЕРВЕРКАМИ (материал для изучающих английский)

Global Extravaganzas of fireworks and music & light sgows ring in 2015

From New York to Sydney, 2015 has been welcomed with extravaganzas of fireworks and music and light shows.
… I'm gonna make it anywhere.
It's up to you, New York, New York!
Cities appeared to be competing to put on the most memorable display, and in key spots like the Big Apple the shows were nothing short of spectacular.

The UK may have been an hour later than most of the rest of Europe, but the fireworks centred on the London Eye did not disappoint.

Paris added its own touch, lighting up the Champs Elyseés and the Arc de Triomphe, reflecting the Parisian “art of living” and the environment, in a nod to the international climate change summit to be hosted by France in December 2015.

Amsterdam joined in as one of the world’s cities to send a virtual postcard on New Years’ Eve, using its iconic canals to best effect.

Tokyo’s celebrations were perhaps more traditional with the ringing of Buddhist temple bells. But other traditions are better left for the more hardy.

And in Sydney, the main event was the lighting of more than seven tonnes of fireworks in an around Sydney Harbour.
На русском языке новость можно посмотреть здесь:

extravaganza [transcription] - фантастическое представление

firework [transcription] -  фейерверк

the Big Apple - город Нью-Йорк

temple - храм

hardy [transcription] - храбрый; безрассудный; закалённый


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