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ПРАБАБУШКА ПРОТИВ ГРАБИТЕЛЯ. КТО КОГО? (текст на английском языке)

Как вы, скорее всего догадались, побеждает прабабушка.

Познакомимся с деталями.

Молодой человек решил загнать краденый велосипед. В магазинчике, куда он явился, подрабатывала пенсионерка Мэри Паркер, ей 72 года, и у неё уже восемь (!) внуков и правнуков. Она отдала парню £150 за велосипед и он ушёл. После этого она прочитала в Фейсбуке, что этот велосипед краденый. Между тем, минут через 30, молодой человек вернулся и хотел, было, забрать велосипед силой. Но отважная Мэри Паркер не считала возможным позволить ему уйти с добычей и смогла-таки вырвать у него велосипед, а вор остался с носом. Добавим, что рост у воришки без малого 1.83 сантиметра, а прабабушка невысокого росточка.

An un-named male in his 20s – who tried to flog the designer mountain bike for £150 – returned half an hour later and tried to take the bike back by force.

Supergran Mari Parker, 72, knew the bike had been stolen having read about its theft on Facebook and refused to let the cyclist leave the store with it.

This is the heroic moment the tiny great-gran wrestled a £1,200 stolen bike from a 6ft man.

Mari Parker took matters into her own hands after realising the bike had been stolen.

The 72-year-old great gran stood her ground and fought for justice.

Incredible CCTV footage shows the 5ft 3in (160 cm) pensioner hanging on to the bike for dear life during a minute-long tug-of-war with the man in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The hooded man – who eventually fled empty-handed – can be seen violently pulling at the bike and even trying to mount it to cycle away, but he lost.

"I'm sure he must be a bit embarrassed now that he was beaten by a 72-year-old woman,” Ms Parker joked.

"I think he must have watched my son leave and known I was in the shop on my own so he came back.

"He pulled me outside and we were fighting in the street.

"He had hold of one side of the bike and I had hold of the other and we were then in this tug-of-war."

He pulled me outside and we were fighting in the street.

The gran-of-eight – who works part-time in the shop – said she was “delighted” to later reunite the bike with its 13-year-old owner – who, shockingly, had it stolen from him in a broad daylight robbery.


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Posts from This Journal “crime” Tag