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Boeing 767
Сегодня из города Ухань, в котором разразилась эпидемия, должен вылететь в Калифорнию Боинг 767 с 230 пассажирами на борту, в основном это американские дипломаты и их семьи. Между тем, в городе насчитывается до 1000 граждан США.
Многие возмущены тем, что дипломатов и их семьи вывозят первыми,
По этому поводу также  возникают вопросы – зачем вывозить потенциально заражённых людей, когда первоначально симптомы болезни не проявляются, а как только обнаружатся, человек может скончаться в течение суток.
Другие утверждают, что вывозят уже привитых от вируса (!) функционеров, так что это безопасно.

Раздаются и шуточки типа: не ешьте мышей и летучих мышей живьём, и не заболеете.

Некоторые удручены тем, что распространению гриппа ‘испанка’ в 1917 году помогло перемещиние людей на поездах и  кораблях.

Некоторые вспоминают поговорку ‘SARS from the stars,’ гласящую, что якобы Severe acute respiratory syndrome – атипичная пневмония - прилетела на Землю с кометой.

Россия, как и многие другие страны, готовится начать эвакуацию своих граждан. Как сообщается, мы будем эвакуировать россиян из Уханя и Хубэя.

Emergency Evacuation of Americans Begins from Epidemic-Stricken Chinese City
Update (Jan. 27): The Wall Street Journal has an update on the emergency charter flight to evacuate Americans from the epidemic-stricken Chinese city of Wuhan.

The Boeing 767, with about 230 seats, is preparing to depart from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport on Tuesday for California.

The reason for U.S. State Department's rapid response operation to evacuate Americans from the region is the expected increase in the number of cases in the days ahead.

There are at least 1,000 Americans in Wuhan, and only 230 will get seats on the chartered flight.
U.S. diplomats and their families are likely first on the list to receive seats.

Additional emergency evacuation operations would be conducted this week, first - the bussing of Americans from the outbreak zone to other cities for outbound flights to the U.S.
Besides the U.S., the following countries have already announced evacuation plans for their citizens: (…)
·       Russia has been in talks with China about evacuating its nationals from Wuhan and Hubei province, Russia’s embassy in China said.

·      Evacuations for the flu?  How stupid does one have to be to accept this?
·      Any chance we could get them to fly over Iran on the way home?
·      Oh great. Troop movements for WWI (ships, trains) helped spread the "Spanish Flu". It did not originate in Spain, either.
·      Coronavirus? Don't eat live mice or bats.
·      Pray for an Iranian missile battery in training 3km from Wuhan airport...
·      As someone else has already suggested all government employees were probably vaccinated prior to (= before) the outbreak.
·      US govt lift SOME of their countrymen back to US, and leave others behind? Sounds just about right to me. Nice to be Americans, knowing their govt would leave them behind.
·      Abandoning American Citizens.
·      It’s a US Government tradition since 1917.
·      Bring them back to ameriKa so the 99 percenters all get sick and die.  Yippie!
·      Since the virus has no initial symptoms, what are we doing with the "special" people leaving China? Just let them go home!?
·      Unfortunately, if one is infected and gets on the plane, then they'll all be infected by the time they touch down in California.
·      The infected touching down in California? I'm confused. How is that a problem, again?
·      Remember SARS ‘from the stars’? The idea that Sars ‘comes from the stars’ is called panspermia. This says that life itself starts somewhere out in the cosmos, and is carried from one planet to another on comets.
·      The US government is most likely evacuating its diplomatic staff only because of the Chinese plans of "cleansing" the area. The US government is not worried about importing the virus or staff becoming infected because they were previously vaccinated against it. It’s never what it seems to be about. A bio event this large is probably not entirely an accident. It was likely seen as an opportunity to achieve goals which could not be easily accomplished with the country running normally. 

emergency чрезвычайный,

to strike (struck – stricken) -
ударять, поражать

rapid быстрый,


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